Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Peach Cobbler

As I enter
Feels warm
Like my mama's peach cobbler

As I enter
Even the smell excites me
Like my mama's peach cobbler

As I enter
It soothes me
Like my mama's peach cobbler

As I enter
I smile
Like my mama's peach cobbler

As I enter
It soothes me
Like my mama's peach cobbler

As I enter
I think happy thoughts
Like my mama's peach cobbler

As I enter
I indulge more than I should
Like my mama's peach cobbler

As I enter
I feel nothing could compare to it
Like my mama's peach cobbler

As I exit
I came to realization
She is my new peach cobbler

(Picture comes courtesy of Georgette Joseph and "Houston's This is It Soul Food")

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cake (Villanelle)

Hey "sweet cake", just lay still til' I'm through
I bought buttermilk icing, flavor...vanilla
I want my "cake" and eat it too
Handful of sprinkles to decorate you
Bringing the animal outta me as I "Go-Realer"
Hey "sweet cake", just lay still til' I'm through
Stop tensing up. Not done. You're my "cake", remember boo?
I said lay still, now you're a squealer
Hey "sweet cake", just lay still til' I'm through
Feels like my birthday as I stare upwards at your high heel shoe
Icing almost gone. Don't worry it was only filler
Hey "sweet cake", just lay still til I'm through
Your eyes closed, waiting for your wish to come true
Marvin Gaye in background praising me as a "Healer"
I want my "cake" and eat it too
You're exhaling as if there were candles you blew
I finish as you're frail and jitter
Hey "sweet cake", just lay still til' I'm through
I want my "cake" and eat it too

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


He sees black and locks his car as I approach. Politely tapped on his window. He looked at what I was holding. He also noticed the look in my eyes. Understanding this was an urgent situation and how I needed his undivided attention he complied by rolling it down two inches. Only enough to hear my instructions. He stares at my clinched hand. Instantly locks go pop and door eases open. His hands raised and slowly walks away. Car still running. Shifts to "D" in point five seconds. Car shifts 0 to 60 in three point o. Still standing still in my rearview. Two seconds for him to disappear. Lower the stereo to listen to the peace of escape. Reminiscing on the screams of past victims. In joy I ride away sympathies. Finally I roll the window back up like it never happened. Blushing to be the proud new temporary owner of the night. If only I could add a new car smell. Instead I smell hints of fresh milk. In the passenger I see an open bottle. White substance spread on the seat. My peripherals see minor movement. New screams I hear but I'm not on memory road this time. In the rearview I see more than the road. I see a hand reach out for me. The body occasionally lights up in passing light posts from overhead. Never have I seen such a pale being strapped in tight not aware of whats going on. Maybe it smells a familiar fragrance from the passenger seat. Screams roar louder. On the realization of this complication I scream inside my head. Never have I seen one cry so loudly over spilled milk. Heart starts racing at the sight of more lights on the road behind me. But this time they are colored. My face alternates from red to blue in the side view mirror. More screams I hear but this time it's from the car behind me. Over I pull as my spine is pulled from the history of my career. The decorated gentlemen taps my window. Piece of mine taps back. His peace of mind is shattered like the driver side window. Piece of mine screams louder than the one in the backseat. My tires scream exhaling screeches of smoke as I smell the burn of rubber through the empty window. The gentleman is now decorated in gravel, blood, and grey mist. I'm decorated with the pressure of escape. Have to dump this car and baby. Road block in front of me.

Game over.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Soldier Against the Unknown

I'm deployed with troops
Enemy is spotted
The unknown is close
Standoff begins
They close in
I'm separated
By myself in an alley
Out of ammo
I see the enemy
I attack
Close range he drops his gun
One knife pulled
We tug each other for it
Blade pointed downward
Both our eyes bulged
Sweating in silence
Its between us
The unknown I fight against
I'm not ready for the unknown
Neither is he
But I will send him there before he sends me
We all fight against the unknown
The unknown makes things intense
Going to the unknown is unknown
On how it will affect others when one gets there
But I will send him there
I don't care
Better him than me
Because no one knows what death truly is
We just know it as the unknown
Off he goes

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Bought her an orange outfit
Told her to wear it for me
Save it for a sunny day
Slim body that is toned
Perfect roundness
Equivalent to that of a flute glass
Oils on her skin that makes her shine
In the sun rays she sparkles
Scent sweet as citrus fruit
Jewelry that glitters in gold
Even her eyes are sparkling
Staring at me with that priceless gaze
Clear glass stilettos
Six inches added to her stance
Hoping she loses one
So I could find her at midnight
To cover her eyes and tell her
To click her hills together three times
While hearing her say
There's no place like home
Because at home with her
She relaxes me more than champagne
More refreshing than orange juice
A mixture of both
She is my mimosa

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Final Odd Thursday

The grand finale to a wonderful year of Odd Thursday is happening December 19, 2013! This is the last Odd Thursday of the year! Wonderful great lineup is set for the night. Over 20 acts take the stage. Three hours of straight entertainment and no time for an intermission. Pizza, beer, wine, and super fun will available for your convenience. 

December 19, 2013
Super Happy Fun Land
3801 Polk
Houston, Tx. 77003

8 to midnight.

Admission $10
Presale and discount tickets available here. Offers end December 17, 2013.

For more info on event click here.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


The cannibal opened up about his eating habits
He said his favorite part to eat were the brains
The criminal psychologists asks him why
He replied
"Because it makes you smarter"