Friday, February 24, 2012

Basketball Wives

She turns it on
She's excited
I'm not
I take away from the anticipation by questioning
"Why are you watching this nonsense?"
She responds
"It's entertaining"
Now I'm baffled
All is see is a group of exes
Gathered around in front of camera
Openly talking about how their sex is
Distracted from the purpose of why they're there
Or maybe that is their purpose
But how does this purpose benefit the viewer?
What can one learn from each episode
I saw those girls have a round table discussion about......
Each other
With each bite of my donut
I become more strangely intrigued
Thinking to myself
"This is getting juicy"
Not the donut
But the show
I grow impatient
Hoping she pushes fast forward to a fight
Yet I'm teased with clips of upcoming episodes
"Don't call me Bitch again"
And then the other woman gets up
(Wait for it)
(Wait for it)
Slap in the face
On top of that
Right before she slapped her she said
Then wam!
A bitch just slapped a bitch!
Can't wait for that episode!
I'm gonna have to set aside
My kettle popcorn for that one!
I can't wait
This is so entertaining
I laughed
Then smile at the closing credits
Somewhat ashamed
That I enjoyed this mess
It feel so wrong
Oh well
Until next episode......

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