Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Super Mario

You wasted my childhood
Ever since the age of 4
You were using me
To save your damsel in distress
But why?
Why me?
I didn't know better
The songs from each stage
Are still stuck in my head
Because of you
I missed out on Zelda
Even though it had shiny gold
NES cartridge
I just never had patience to play it
I was stuck on your simplicity
Zelda encouraged me to read
But you encouraged me to jump
Simple and fun
I took you too serious
I thought red flowers
Would make me power-up
Until I got beat up
By that bully
I told a cop
Mushrooms made me larger than life
He arrested me
On top of that
You wasted my youth
With sequels, new characters,
And spin offs
I even went to see your
Major motion picture
On opening weekend
It sucked
Two more hours wasted
On top of many years invested
Into what you sold me
I drunk the Kool Aid
To this day... (sigh and exhale)
I hate Bowser
He is the one character
I never pick
When playing Mario Cart
Sometimes I lose the race...
On purpose
Just to stay behind
And attack him
Now my children can't get away from you
Leave my family out of this
But then again
Its too late

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