Sunday, February 26, 2012


I think I'm in love/With a classic grub/Mc Donald's french fries/Some days I just close my eyes and visualize/How I mix and match them with combos and apple pies/Anxious to be asked to be super-sized/Love when they're lightly seasoned for me/And mildly crispy/Mad if box not full when I get it and they jip me/Fiending like weed to a hippee/Relationship better than Bobby and Whitney/Addicted since a little kid/No matter side of town I can find a Mickey D's on the GPS grid/Or if I see the arches I dam near skid/God forbid/If I get into a car accident/Cutting cars off just to get my order sent/When placing my order at drive-thru/Pick-up window is what I dive to/When I get the bag in my hands I say "I love u"/Here I am attracted to this red box/So sexy looking like a fine red fox/Rush home and twist the locks/Won't answer if anyone knocks/No ketchup needed, I never could/Takes so much away, I never would/Eat it naturally with nothing extra as I should/Only if women could taste this good/ So relaxing as they set me free/Blushing with each bite like "Hee hee hee"/Fulfilling me to the highest degree/So good to me, when I'm done I'm no longer hungry

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