Friday, February 24, 2012

Opposite of Mike Lowrey

 So calm and reserved/Never agitated at any insults heard/Never chase criminals but set traps so they're lured/Not confident as I should be but need to be reassured/Morals run deep even though I'm a trust fund baby/No wild accidents and stunts to make my lieutenant call me crazy/Or busting my ass so my partner won't call me lazy/Fast women don't amaze me/Money don't faze... me/Coworkers phrase me/No negativity will chase me/I vow to find a stable significant other/And no I will not sleep with partner's sister/Or flirt with the other pretty girls with her/Save wild gun action for someone whose skin is thicker/When I turn my car I'll always use my blinker/Like clean women and won't put my name on her and ink her/Wine and dine to tease her then sink her/Put her on a pedestal and never shrink her/I gave up cursing/Clean my mouth because that was the worst thing/Gave up alcohol for better digestion and less burping/Christ over me lurking/Protecting me in the dirty streets working/Wanting to start a family with little "me's" birthing/Self esteem straight with less hurting/Accept criticism better than anybody/Tone down my big ego because bragging became too big a hobby/More respectful in a quiet lobby/Crooks still wanna rob me/Threaten me and my family/Calm and cool but still ready/To get down and dirty/Pray for forgiveness because I know I'm worthy

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