Sunday, February 26, 2012

Serial Dater

 I meet a woman everywhere I go/ Something about me makes it hard to say no/ All kinds, from the "good girl" to the "hoe"/ But I ponder things about myself and confused to know/ I know what it is they see/ But they don't know what makes me happy/ None of them stick around, oh so "flaky"/So what does that say about me?/ They want to be invested in/ But I lack the energy and don't know where to begin/ Yeah I may have fucked around and a little sin/ Strategizing on text messages before I press "send"/ Who is she? What does she want?/ Which one of is on the hunt?/ She chasing me or me chasing her? All a stunt/ One or the other come up short like a lil' runt/ Don't beat around, I stay blunt/ But they taunt and flaunt/ Whatever advantage they have/ No opportunity to grab/ Turning them away is like rehab/ Upkeep is harder than having a tricked out slab/ Even worst renting them out like a cab/ Honestly I feel no girl wants to do right together/ When all I'm saying is "I'm trying to get my life together"/ Talking how I need to do better/ Each one changes mind and mood like the weather/ All they're really about is digging for that cheese, cheddar, and mozzarella/ Or whatever you wanna call it/ If its not going anywhere, immediately I stall it/ Tug of war, slugging it out to brawl it/ Become useless as a melted "Whatchamacallit"

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