Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blue Rose

 My views and outlook on life is very broad and somewhat colorful but solid like the various blue colors. I associated myself with the word blue and its definition. Blue is to be sad. I had a problem with depression at that time, not so much anymore. Blue also means indecent. I do a lot of things my own way. I pull stunts. Put thought into something then act without hesitation or fear. Blue also carries a sense of the word puritan, meaning strict morals which I was raised and instilled with. Father hard on me growing up. Then I feel conflicted when I do wrong, tendency to be indecent at times. Blue also means to be discolored as in cold. I'm numb to a lot of things and some people thought I had a cold and quiet heart. I'm more sympathetic now; that took time. I used to didn't care about too many people. Someone told me I was an indigo child; but that's another story. Indigo is blue too. Also I associate myself with the blue rose. That type of rose is mythic and doesn't really exist. Which it hard to attain like myself. Represents mystery, like myself. People always wonder I am and what I'm thinking. Also represents grace and beauty, which I embody in terms of writing. Roses grow to full potential for short period of time and die out. Like myself, never felt like I would live a long life. Blue rose symbolizes impossible and a sense of a hopeless romantic. At times I am because of past tragic relationships. Charm comes with the rose that I share with others that also strengthens my charisma when need be. Its also my first tattoo on my left arm.

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