Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dear Sonic the Hedgehog

I remember when we met
I remember like it was yesterday
It was at a friend's house
All I knew at the time was Super Mario
But you were something different
You were blue and could run fast
You inspired me to run as fast as you
You could run so fast
That you could run upside down
To this day I still can't do the same
Jealous I was
But don't worry
I don't hold that against you
While other boys were playing with My Buddy toys
I found you
My new buddy
Over the years you developed more
You were able to run faster,
Do more tricks,
And gain sidekicks
Tails was a nice addition
Not only did he have one tail
But he had two
I still have never met a flying fox to this day
Then came Knuckles
But I never sold you out
I picked you over him every time
I saw you bounce from home to home
From Sega Genesis
To Sega 32x
To Sega CD
To Sega Game Gear
To Sega Nomad
To Sega Dreamcast
Then one day
You didn't have a home
Then you had to bounce to different shelters
Like Playstation 2,
Nintendo Wii,
Xbox 360,
Even the PSP, and
Nintendo DS
Times were hard but you ran through it
At the speed of light
I even kept up with your Japanese Manga
But I could never figure out
Why Dr Robotnik never died
No matter how many times I defeated him
He never died and stayed away
He just kept coming back with new robots
He even had his own video game as well
Why Sonic? Why?
Doesn't matter
You were my idol
Happy trails

Your Buddy,
Kyle Blue

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