Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Good Dick

So she wake up mad as hell as usual this morning
Desire to cuddle/Her body is what I wrap my arm in
Agitated by her personal problems I treat
To fix it I Give her my good dick and she fell asleep

So she wake up fully energized to go to work
Didn't last/Had a bad day/Came home/ went berserk
Knew one way to calm her down/refused to speak
Gave her more of my good dick and she fell back asleep

She wake up in good mood ready for work again
Came home upset after gossiping with her best friend
Venting her frustrations/Lost appetite to eat
Relieved herself on me/Rode my good dick/Fell asleep

Woke me up in middle of night because I snore
She had the nerve to pillow talk me as I bore
I opened up/Told her she been tripping this whole week
Too talkative/I gave her good dick to fall asleep

I noticed this is becoming a pattern for her
Addicted to how I make her pussy cat pur
I catered to her too many nights in a row
When she asked me for my good dick I told her no

Slanging it like a drug/turn a frown to a grin
Relaxed by the  testosterone in my semen
When I tell her no and she begins to cry and weep
Too dependent on my good dick to go to sleep

Talked to her about rehab but then she relapsed
Told her relationship needs more substance then she gasped
I shouldn't complain that she likes me for my shit
Makes me feel good too when she cums on my good dick

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