Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Hurricane's Eye was Black (Haiku/Tanka)

(Begins in haiku and ends in tanka)

Hurricane takes form
Fever of winds cool sun's temp
Body tempts nature

The hurricane stares
It violently wants me
I reject offer

My home for shelter
It's jealous of my woman
Shield her in closet

Hurricane rapes town
Now pregnant with destruction
Gives birth to carnage

Comes with loose morals
If only these walls could talk
The whore makes them scream

As we are silent
Pray together for mercy
Consumed in darkness

The whistles and howls
Forces us to cover ears
A beast of nature
It grows as it stares at us
Seeks to thrive on misery

Rejects religion
Our prayers interrupted
If these winds could talk
I'll plead to them "Leave us be"
"You will not take her from me"

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