Saturday, July 7, 2012

Your Ocean

"Your Ocean"
As it nears sunset
I gaze at your body
The stillness will never alarm me
Peacefully I stroke the ridges of your surface
You tempt me to jump in
Intimidated by your depth
I ease in feet first
Now I'm engulfed inside of you
Consumed in the Gulf
I float in you
I stare at the light house
Just to see your eyes shine bright
In the dark you would allow me to see
So I trust you this once to guide me
Through the dark
As the moon warns me my time is up
That I should go
Even the wind blows
To discourage me with chills
Random seaweed floats on by
Showing me what could be
For that instant you changed the scenery
No longer worried about we
Or me
As I forgot about me
Swimming in your serenity
Temporarily borrowed
Your wave hits me
Pushed away from shore
Away from your safety
Fooled with title of us together
Ambushed with your tidal
Of violent intentions
Heartless you are
As I'm reminded you are nature
Incapable of having a heart
Only to be instinctive and territorial
In your body I'm defenseless
At your mercy
When my guard was down
It became your chance to wash my soul away
To "skinny dip" is to be harmless
But I feel nothing
Numbness occurs
Naked on the inside
When my adrenaline went empty
My insides were refilled with your water
Floating away
Like the seaweed before me
And more bodies after me

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