Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I abuse my right to post things
Just like I abuse my rights at buffets
All you can eat?
Sure why not?
All you can write?
Sure why not?
Even when my appetite is met
I still indulge
And indulge more
I'm guilty
Guilty of gluttony
On both ends
But am I wrong?
Am I?
Am I spam?
Or do I just like to eat it?
Just like the buffet
I hurt no one but myself
When I over indulge
For my own precious desires
To post, post, and post
Today I will not be ignored
Like the fat hungry guy at the buffet
With two plates in his hands
And two more at his table
With two cups of soda
Only for him to drink
Because he's too lazy
To get a refill
I abuse my right to write
And post
Like the government wants to abuse my right......
To post
(In my Marcell Murphy voice)

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