Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dick Rider

Why do you follow and applaud your homeboy's every move?/If he starts dancing then you all of a sudden find your groove/He grab a bitch then you try to find one too/You don't hate on him but he hate on you/Stupid monkey man following all he do/Get any closer you would mistaken for his boo/You two other pretty niggas in the room/Looking like Diddy, Ma$e, and Loon/Singing different songs to fit his tune/Anthems like on 3rd season of the Boon/Ummmm.... Yeah! The Boondocks/When he wear something nice you say "Hey that's hot!"/ Even the bitches tell you to stop/Always riding shotgun in the same car off the lot/Not worthy to drive as you sit and rot/Looking out the window shouting at the girls but can't pull no hoe/Because they mistake you for the scrub off the TLC video/ Talking shit to haters but they look at you like a silly foe/As you speak they say "Really though?"/"This dumbass just don't know"/Given reality check to grow

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