Saturday, October 6, 2012


I was made for you. My physical features compliments yours. Designed and destined for this moment. In this moment I get the privilege to become one with you. To become in sync with you. To feel you thoroughly inside and out. In this moment I will feel whatever you feel. Gazing at you as if you are my mirror. The center of you resemble a black hole leading to your abyss where your true treasure lies beneath as if I'm searching for the end of a rainbow. The brightness of your mystique enables me to glow inside of you catering to my growth as you adapt to cage me in. I now become your prey as I am silenced and weakened by the overpowering hold you have over me. We were in competition with each other. Fluid versus fluid. Muscle versus muscle. If only I could talk. If I could I would tell you more. A dick I am.

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