Saturday, November 24, 2012

Earth, Wind, & Fire

I was made to Earth, Wind, and Fire. I could not exist without The Earth, Wind, and Fire. When those precious elements are put together, magic is made. I become the magic as these elements are the spark of my life. As I was sitting in the womb, I could hear the rumblings of The Earth, Wind, and Fire through the protective layers of my mothers protective boundaries set forth for me. My father was around but he was not protective enough from the effects of the Earth, Wind, and Fire that surrounds us three. Because of that, he is my father. And my mother would sing me lullabies that would stick to me til this day. When I was born I could hear both parents singing to me. When I grew to that of a teenager I would finally get to see, understand, and grasp the elements of Earth, Wind, and Fire as well as the effects they have on people. On this day I had to accept some facts that were very difficult for me. The thought of Earth, Wind, and Fire makes me cringe to this day knowing I was made off of their music. Their music set the mood for my parents to make love. And the thought or image of both my parents doing "it" makes me want to throw up. Almost as worst a walking in on them. I wish I could slam myself into the Earth, bounce off of it, then thrown into the Wind, and blown into some Fire!.... Hot, hot fire. I had faced what all children dread to face..... Seeing, hearing, or thinking about their parents doing "it".

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