Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All Mixed Up

I cut it open and looked at it. As I look inside of it, I look inside of myself. As I look at it, I see it has a lot going on inside of it. Well.....a little too much. All these exotic different spices, meats, and rice. Mixed altogether and compacted in this little space. Cluttered like my mind. I lost my appetite baffled at the thought "is this what my brain looks like?". What part of the cow is this? Is it just cow? Are these vegetables? What is this outer layer? Then I look at myself. How am I feeling today? Where is my life going? Did I pay this bill? Do I have groceries? Am I going to party? What do will I write today? Why do I write? What do I like? Is she the one? Is it gonna rain? Where's my keys? I want a new car. Or do I want a truck? Or a motorcycle? How much is Metro? Did I take Redbox movie back? How many condoms do I have left? When will I get a promotion? What is my son doing right now? Did I call my mama back? What day is Valentine's Day on? .....Too much going on in my head. Its all mixed up like this boudin in front of me that I gutted open.

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