Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Natural Beauty

She looks just as good going to the club as well as waking up in the morning/Even when she's yawning/Still an adorable darling/Cute getting out of bed crawling/Eyes half open/Stumbling and falling/Exhausted with head wrap on/Beautician calling/For that early morning appointment/Howling/Through the phone complaining she's stalling/Hurrying up I give her money to get it done/Feel like I'm balling/ Told her relax/Don't worry about getting it done/She tells me its a girl thing as glows like the sun/Beautiful as nature itself/Seeing her smile is fun/Cheeks round and softer than a fresh baked bun/Competition with herself/She won/I realize maintenance for her beauty weighs a ton/Pressure on herself to uphold her standards/Telling her otherwise results in me slandered/In return she's pampered

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