Sunday, January 13, 2013

Soul & Food

I just ate some Subway
Got the "itis" and passed out
I took an hour nap
Within that hour
I had a very bad dream
I was outside in the front yard
And these four hamsters were driving a Kia Soul
They parked their car
Disrespecting my neighborhood by blasting their music
They were jamming some guy name "V.I.C."
They all stared at me
Rolled down their windows
Got out their vehicle at the same time
They were taller than me
And I noticed......
They were pregnant
Fat as can be
They wobbled when they walk
Then on cue
Together they danced to the "Wobble" song
While doing the "Wobble"
A gang of stray dogs wandering the streets together in heat
Stopped and stared at the wobbling hamsters
Then all the dogs stood on their hind legs
And did the "Wobble" too
Everyone was on beat
Including me
Then I woke up

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