Thursday, January 9, 2014

Soldier Against the Unknown

I'm deployed with troops
Enemy is spotted
The unknown is close
Standoff begins
They close in
I'm separated
By myself in an alley
Out of ammo
I see the enemy
I attack
Close range he drops his gun
One knife pulled
We tug each other for it
Blade pointed downward
Both our eyes bulged
Sweating in silence
Its between us
The unknown I fight against
I'm not ready for the unknown
Neither is he
But I will send him there before he sends me
We all fight against the unknown
The unknown makes things intense
Going to the unknown is unknown
On how it will affect others when one gets there
But I will send him there
I don't care
Better him than me
Because no one knows what death truly is
We just know it as the unknown
Off he goes

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