Saturday, February 25, 2012


I hate him
Not because he own me
Its because he owes me more
Tired of this shit
Doing all this labor
But won't teach me nothing
Grown man but can't read
Or write
Looks nice when I see others do it
I envy the literate
They have more value than me
Not because they can read
But because they're white
My value is minimal
So is my time with my family
Its not that we're on a tight schedule
Its just that they're sold off so quickly
But yet I have to stay here
And die here
That white man that owns me
Tells me to call him "master"
And then his last name
I never do
I call him "Mister" and then his last name
Just like all the "whites" do
He hates me for this
It makes him hate me more
I thinks that's why he keeps me here
A punishment I assume
We punish each other everyday
Both stubborn and vengeful
We push each other's luck
We argue
Not in front of others
We're cordial in front of others
That's how I was raised
....Under him
That makes me hate him more
I want a father
I want a mother
I want a child
I want a wife
But he sold them
And I hate him more
I can't escape nowhere
Don't know my way around
He won't sell me to a better place
I have no valuable skills
I'm old and worn down now
I'm gonna die here
But he's going first
By my hands
At my mercy
He will die tonight
Because I hate him
.....Stupid white man

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