Saturday, February 25, 2012


God blessed me with this job
The eleventh
My lucky day of every month
Something about the number
I'm superstitious
Something specials always happens on this day
On the 101th floor
I love this floor
Meaning "one" and "one"
Just like the day!
When I ate fast food today
I ordered a #11
Eleven again!
I call my wife at 8:11
Eleven again!
I'm on a roll
35 minutes later
I'm still working
Sunny day
Then I hear something
It was loud
On the opposite end of this building
Like an explosion or something
The building shook
Like an earthquake
Everybody screaming
I see smoke
No way down
So we run up
Trampling each other
Every man for himself
I'm running up
To get away from the smoke
Can't see
It burns my eyes
Stinks so bad
People scream
I see the sun
Then its covered with smoke
On the rooftop
I hear another explosion on the next building
I hear more screams
Too much smoke
Eyes still burning
Can't breathe
I'm coughing
Barely can see tower across from us
I feel heat
Fire is racing up
High altitude wind is making it blaze worse
Nowhere to go
I lean toward ledge
I pray to God
Building is wobbling
I'm shaking
Glass breaking
I close my eyes
Before I make leap of faith
I gasp
Thinking about this lucky day
In September
Light headed
Saved my last strength
To jump

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