Friday, February 24, 2012

Day to Day

Hey there
I see you're having a rough day
Please let me take over
I want to become your day
I am your day
Before your day is spoiled
Let me spoil you
Lightly shower you with rain drops
So can I see the more detailed texture of your hair
And then shower you with my love
As if we're in a shower together
Allow me to remove the clouds
And shine down on you
And I allow the breeze through your hair
Make the climate not too hot
Or too cold
But just right
Because I know how you hate
The unpredictable Houston weather
I will make birds sing to you
At night I will make stars align
And makes designs
Of hearts and butterflies
Make meteor showers
That form multiple rare shooting stars
To put on a show to your delight
Top it off with stars flickering simultaneously
As if flash pictures are being taken
While knowing you have a thing
For cameras and photography
Flashing for you
Because you're a star in your own right
Hungover from the day before
I will awaken you with a rooster
So you will not oversleep
And go to work on time
But more at ease to start a new day of work
Anyone who gives you problems
I will be the natural disaster
And make an earthquake where they live
To destroy their house
I will be the day you remember

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