Friday, February 24, 2012

Eat Fresh

I just wanted them to work with me
All I had was a few dollars on me
That's all
When the guy at Subway asked me
"Six inch or foot long?"
I said
He asked
"So you want two foot longs?"
I said
He looked confused
Then I told him
"I only want two inches"
He said
I said
"Come on man. Work with me. Two inches for $2"
He looked offended and ask why
I said
"$1 for each inch"
He said
"But you get 6 inches for $5"
I said
"Yeah, you buy 5 inches and get one inch free"
I calculated and figured that's how they do it
This should be apart of their value menu
But the Subway man was stubborn
He politely said no
I politely walked out
They just lost out on some good business

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