Friday, February 24, 2012

Flame On

Mama call me Sunny
Friends call me Blaze
Everyone knows I like fire
Something about it
Its destructive
I'm constructive
I love to construct destruction
Can't explain it
Just the way I am
And always been
I been on a spree as of late
Left a fire trail sort of speak
I've burned a few things
Some small
And a whole lot of "big"
I like big fires
Blaze of flames excite me
Everyone knows this
I hear the complaints
Neighborhood say I'm getting out of control
But they know I can't help
And they know no one could stop me
Except the police
They heard the complaints too
And arrested me
On suspicion of a burnt down house
They had strong evidence on me
Under pressure
I made a plea bargain and confessed
I knocked a lot of time off
They got me
I will stop for now
In two years I will resume my practice
Maybe make up for lost time
But for now I'm happy
So glad they never connected me to the other four houses
In here I smile
So much to look forward to
News called me "Sunny Blaze"

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