Friday, February 24, 2012


The government is connected
They have to be
They pretend like they can't regulate the price of a gallon
So it keeps going up
Oil companys make record profits
Key word "profits"
They take advantage of us to control us
Try to discourage us from driving as much
But then we get readjusted
Then we drive more
We complain about prices per gallon
But then we suck it up and keep going
And going
And going
Until we need to fill up again
And we pay every time
No need to keep fighting it
We always submit
Like usual
Government has us figured out
Regardless of what goes on
We're relieved to see gas go down
Even by a little bit we become excited
Piling up in lines causing traffic jams
Just because that one gas station
Is ten cents cheaper than the others
Even worse is when its election time
And gas suddenly drops
To boost our morale to go vote
And then go back up after the election
A proven statistic
Like I already said
The government is connected

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