Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Harlem Girl

 You put me in the friend zone and I see my rank drop/Wondering how do I elevate it when I saw you in your tank top/Forced myself to leave because the temptations ain't stop/Poker face stone-cold looking like a blank rock/Home thinking about our awkward situations as I drank Ciroc/Wondering why I give you the time of day and other girls not/Even if I did you won't "cock-block"/Even though the passion in me heat up like a crock pot/Girls come at me I stay in doors like the block's hot/Keeping me grounded I turned down another girl tonight, I'm such a long shot/Thought of my kids away from me make my heart rot/Getting a new tattoo just to hear you say "Yo! That's hot!"/Not trying to make your heart melt or your head pop/Making it big as I stroke your ego nonstop/ While you reading this, I walk through your trap door as a fun drop/I fall flat on my face in a dumb flop/See you as a walking fascination wondering where does the fun stop/You got me going like this energy drink I drunk at 10 o'clock

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