Friday, February 24, 2012

Lost for Words

The words were there
I mean "were"
And then they disappeared off of the paper
When I stared at the paper
It was full of words I didn't write yet
I knew what I wanted to say
But they disappeared on me
When I went to look for the words
They hid from me
I hate this game
I could hear the words giggling
It irritates me
Stupid words won't cooperate with me
So I ball up the paper to end the game
I get new sheet to start fresh
Those meddling words still giggling at me
Teasing me that I can't find them
I write new words
But they're not the same
They're not as good as the "set" that wants to "play"
so I erase
They're slowing my pace
To a stand still
So I......
Made a deal
Me and those words took our time and played their stupid little game
On my time
Their timing is awkward
I'm getting too old for this childish nonsense
Only if I could teach them better
This is the reason I never liked "Hide and Go Seek"
Just don't have the patience for it

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