Friday, February 24, 2012


She needed to stop stalking me
But I liked the attention
Strokes my ego
Knowing that I got
... Someone constantly thinking....
About me
And my every move
Makes me feel important
Not that I'm self absorbed or anything
She's just absorbed with thoughts of me
Good thoughts I assume
Like how I'm so great
And she can't live without me
The missing puzzle
To her "would be" success
But she can't achieve success without me
But to only live in misery
Because she can't stop thinking about me
I was God's gift to her
But she was ungrateful
So I went away
Not too far
Just far enough
For her to still make attempts
To come near me
But not too much of an inconvenience
For her to see what I'm doing
Still I don't entertain her
Or do I?
I turn her down
And ignore her from time to time
Every time I patiently wait
To avoid her
When she thinks an opportunity is within arms reach....
I slip away
I hope one day she'll forgive me
For being such a tease

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