Saturday, March 3, 2012

Club Life

Club life/Bud Light/Nothing like good ol' fashion parking lot fight/Broken bottles and 6 inch knife/Cheating hoes living trife/Drunk white guy looking like/"Top Flight/Security" asking if he too drunk to drive he say "I'm alright"/Bouncers wanna beef tonight/Cops for those that don't wanna act right/Stay strapped and pack right/Get through door if they don't pat tight/Bathroom step on a crack pipe/ No shame they smoking weed in hindsight/Sobriety test/Beaming flashlight/Directly into pupils dam near blind eyesight/Some dudes get lucky tonight/Lesbians gripping their girlfriends tight/Straight women complaining "There's too many dykes!"/DJ announce last call on mic/Shiny stallettos with extra height/Bartenders gripe/When tip too light/Make up for it next night/ Out of towners cut off/Drink more on flight/Lonely picky women saying "ewww..he aint my type"/Same dudes waiting to buy her a drink to spike/Rush girls like football say "hike"/Out the huddle/Quiet guys bite/Paid no attention til he revved his bike/Trunk going hammer/Nailed hype/High as a kite/Not in the loop if not on twitter and skype/Apple bottoms looking ripe/Tats I like/Intoxicated by the night

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