Saturday, August 11, 2012


Let me tell you something, I like you/I never met someone that talk to me the way you do/the way you talk to me, you keep it real and true/to help me stay true and help me get through/these complications of my life and what you would do/if you went through the same situation, you're so hip too/brightening my mood when I feel so blue/how can I repay you back? I owe you/Special K? I specially care about you boo/you think you an old cougar, but I can make you feel brand new/make you cool and calm as the wind blew/girl relax, I'm innocent as Winnie the Pooh/But yeah I got the honey waiting while the bees flew/full of love and harmony as they sting you know who/good night cougar darling, your cub is waiting for you

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