Saturday, March 3, 2012


He saw her from across the room
Lights were dimmed
Pictures from projecter were shown on wall
She watched the pictures
He watched her
Fascinated with her body
He's thinking she's kinda cute
She converse with her friends
He overhears
She goes in depth about admiring strong willed men
He then gets excited
Gathering courage and will power
To maybe approach her
Confidence grows
As he waits for lights to come back on
He's jittery and anxious
Ray is blinded by her presence
In the dark all he see is her
In his head he thinks of Ray Charles songs
He related to the love songs he sung
Even though Ray Charles was blind
This "Ray" can see this beauty glow in the dark
To his surprise
The lights came on
He was hurt to see
That she was an underage girl
She wasn't with her friends
She was with her mother
The look on Ray's face
As I stared at him
In disbelief
He's hurt
And embarrassed
I wanted to uplift him
But all I could do was laugh
I wish him better next time

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