Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Everything was fine until my girlfriend came along. I gave her a key when things got serious. She takes it upon herself to use it at her convenience. Everything was fine until this one tragic day. This was the day I wasn't expecting. I came home and she was there. But this wasn't my home....this environment changed. It became a spinoff of what her home resembles. In one day my home was actually clean. I almost didn't recognize it. But I liked it. It was refreshing to me. A breath of new life. But other lives were affected. When I looked in my kitchen I noticed she took time to clean my kitchen as well. No food stains on the stove. No crumbs on the counter. No glasses with juice or water sitting in them. No dirty dishes in the sink. She actually washed the dishes. Reluctant I was. But it bothered the others. When I looked outside my window I saw a line of roaches holding picket signs made of toothpicks. They were protesting what my girlfriend did to their environment inside. I pulled out my magnifying glass to read the complaints. Some signs said "I quit" and some said "This is an injustice!". Some spoke on behalf of nats who didn't make it to tell their story. She starved them to death. I even noticed the mice boarded up their holes in the wall with scotch tape and mysteriously vanished. Guess they moved out to my neighbors now. All the pests and insects are gone in exchange for my new "Clean Up Lady"and I find it an even exchange. She's always welcomed as opposed to unwanted company in my home.

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