Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just This

I was left for dead once
Told I was nothing
Told I wasn't needed
Convinced I'm better off nonexistent
But this bottle made me special
Doped up on dopamine
Mine for the night
Couldn't see my future
Looked dark
Too dark to see
Don't matter
Felt dead anyway
Kept hearing how it's over
Could see my son taken from me
They're gonna believe her over me anyway
That's how it's designed
Doesn't matter what I do
So I'll do nothing
Just sit here and hope someone gets me
Take me away to purgatory
Then I woke up one day
Regurgitated the inner pain and misery
Fighting the system while feeling as numb as before
I feel nothing
I fear nothing as I stand before the judge
I struggle before my appeal
But after
I became a new man
I made justice mine

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