Thursday, July 19, 2012


Trapped in a confined space
My pulse race
Thumps make the atmosphere shake
Hosting a headache
Causing one's temper to break
Forcing sleep and dreams to wake
Isolated on every date
Times I contemplate
How to shift my weight
To outside to take
The rest of my fate
Conscience tells me to wait
Not enough faith
In my mind
Not enough space to unwind
No one takes the time
To touch me as I feel like slime
Locked away as crime
I leave 90% behind
Only 10% is mine
Rely on rest to see sunshine
Power to force self blind
Force memories to rewind
Uniquely one of a kind
The human computer inclined
Pink matter trapped in skull to be fine
This brain is slave to it's master
(Drawing by Shane Patrick Boyle and courtesy of

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