Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Off The Record

Before she could bear children she gave birth to sin. Once upon a time God created Adam and Eve. He told them not eat from the Tree of Life and Knowledge. At the time corruption sounded enticing. The serpent convinced Eve to eat from it and Eve persuaded Adam to do the same. Eve gave birth to temptation on this day. God told them to leave The Garden of Eden at once!They left with new found wisdom as their vocabulary is now expanding more and more by the second. As they journey east, Eve stops Adam, as the sun is going down, to tell him that this time of day will be named after her as "Evening". She also tells Adam that  something else is about to take place that is also life changing and set the pace for the rest of mankind. On the eve of this event, Eve decides to show Adam her vocabulary has expanded with the aide of something monstrous. Right after the "Tree of Life" incident, the serpent took the time to teach her a few words of profanity. Then the serpent sent her on her way to Adam without ever intervening again. She now engages Adam by holding him close to her body. She gently kisses him on his neck. Underneath his chin she touches. She tells him "This is where the apple lies".... He giggles, she blushes. He strokes her hair, she kisses him. Now on the eve of the event she whispers in his ear to where not even God could hear her. As she speaks off the record she says to him, "I have the world in my pussy...."

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