Sunday, July 22, 2012

149 Words (Haiku, Tanka, Sonnet)

With last dying breath
Hundred forty nine words left
To express myself

Death is tied to me
Attached to this foreign tree
A grave mystery
Brave to the grave I will see
Last days I behave neatly

With each word I speak a leaf has fallen
I will die when last leaf falls to the ground
Birds are chirping at my fate that's calling
I premeditate every last sound
Each word is calculated from my mouth
Even words I write are strikes against me
Before my saliva is dried and drought
Is brought within me to where I envy
This curse as I curse for spell to disburse
As I'm taken away but not our love
Now this tree has a hold on me for worst
This curse from underground not from above
I'll love you for all of eternity
Too real this life is more than a movie

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