Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Addiction

I put that coin in
I pull the lever
When it stops
I win nothing
When I do win
Its very little
Determined to hit that jackpot
I put another coin in
I pull the lever
It doesn't stop on the lucky number
I'm frustrated
I need this
I need this jackpot
Not for myself
But for my son
I hate for him to see me like this
He comes to check on me
As I pull the lever again
I tell him
"Go away! Daddy's busy!"
He's puzzled
He walks away
I'm heated
He almost messed up my momentum
I put coin in and pull
Another coin in and pull
Once again he tries to stop me
I plead with him telling him
"I'm doing this for you!"
He just doesn't understand
He doesn't get it
I kept going
Every time the same result
For that hour
I didn't win big
I came up short
In front of him he's disappointed
More to do with how I acted
Than losing
On his birthday
I realized that I have a problem
I was addicted
From that day forward
I promised him
That I will never again
Play those type of games
At Chuck E Cheese ever again

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