Monday, August 20, 2012


We trust it more than we trust each other
Caught in the moment
We still take time to take caution
Better than animals
Our mating ritual is different
The act itself is premeditated
Feels like we're mating
But we always start with a ritual
The desire to rush into each other
The sense to wait beforehand
Even in the dark
Feels so automatic
Love is to be made
Supplied by control
In the moment
I am in control of her
She is in control of me
But it controls our destiny
It determines if this night will last a lifetime
The harder I thrust
The closer she clinches
Everything is held in place
At our peak
It keeps vital elements from entering her
We inhale our love
We exhale any insecurities
When the act is over
We're grateful to share the experience together
And also grateful that the "Lifestyle" didn't break

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