Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Acts 27 through Revelation 22

Paul told everyone/All will be alive
Bit by snake/Unharmed/Made a dying man rise
Allowed to live in house/Wrote letters
All are important in church/Love last forever
When trumpet sound/Dead will ground beneath skies
Death no more/Praise God to the most highs
John heard a voice/Told to write book
It's Jesus/Up in the sky he would look
Saw God on a throne/Twenty four elders
Four beasts with six wings/Felt stranger
Saw a lion, calf, man, and eagle
God had scroll in right hand with seven seals
A slain lamb with seven horns
Lift scroll/All kneel as son of God warn
Future is Satan and Army roam the land
End of timne/Fire from Heavenb on every man
Future is Satan and Army roam the land
Day of Judgement/God read Book of Life
Names in it are saved/If not will burn bright
In flames with Satan/Beginning of End
Make all new for God and people to begin
No more pain, death, or sorrow
All passed away/A new tommorrow
Angel took John to top of mountain
Saw a Holy city/New Jerusalem/A Fountain
River of Life/Water clear as crystal
Streets of gold/Wall of Jasper/Never fall
No need for a sun/Nor moon
Nor night/Nor day/Still bloom
In city will dwell God and his Son
All pleasures of life/All will be fun
New beginning for mankind/Corrected and forgiven of past
A new Kingdom now made/Forever will last

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