Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Luke 16 through Acts 27

Lazarus lay at the gates of a rich man
Homeless, poor, alone, sores on skin
When both died/Lazarus went to Heaven
Of a tax collector who was humble
But not of a pharisee who would fumble
Into being too conceited/Jesus loved to give
Last shall be first/Humble is way to live
Young rich man wished eternal life/Asked Jesus to retrieve it
Told to give up all/Walked away/Couldn't believe it
Zacchaeus/Too small to see/Climb up tree
To view Jesus/Later blessed for generousity
Jesus said those who come late to God in heart
Valued as much as those that were there from start
Jesus said only righteous spirit allowed in
At wedding feast/There were ten women
Five wise/With oil/Five foolish without
Foolish left for oil for lamp/Groom came about
Took wise in/Foolished locked outside and whine
Jesus say always stay prepared/God show anytime
Jesus said make most of what God gives us
Disciples fetch unridden donkey/Jesus rode with trust
Into Jerusalem/Followers greet him and honored
Threw out people in temple/Priests pondered
Martha served disciples/Mary rubbed his feet with oil
Judas made a deal to hand Jesus over 30 coins in all
Jesus washed disciples feet/Then each other
Taught tht servants equal to master
The last supper/Passed bread and wine
One will betray him/Told Judas it's fine
Off to pray/Judas arrived with men
Peter cut coldiers ear off/Jesus made whole again

Garments taken away/Jesus ran away naked
Told Peter he would be disowned/Three times Peter did
Captured beore High Priest/Sentenced for death
Judas felt guilt/Returned money/Hang self
Pilate the govenor asked crowd on Jesus life
Crowd plead to crucify him/Pilate knew not right
Jesus dressed in purple robe/Crown of thorns
Mock King of Jesus/Meant to cause harm
On a cross next to two thieves
One defended him/Off to paradise at leave
Tremor into Earth when Jesus died
Joseph and Nicodemus came to his side
Place his body in a tomb/Later rose from the dead
Showed his scars/All listened to what he said
Jesus gave disciples fish in nets/Cooked it
Went up into cloud/Power from Holy Spirit
To spread word/Peter now the leader
Intent to replace Judas/Weed out weaker
Chose Matthias/Each head a small flame
Able to speak different/Followers came
In the name of Jesus/Peter made a lame walk
Arrested but let go after a talk
Stephen worked miracles/Was stoned to death
Saul set kill Jesus folloers/Then he felt
Presence of Jesus/Blinded him for days
Ananias sent to restore sight/End phase
Preached/Out of fear escaped to Jerusalem
Peter saw a vision/To God all equal to him
Peter arrested Angel led himout of prison
Saul is now Paul/Cured a cripple and possessed woman
Arrested/Paul convert/Baptized his jailor
Arrested again/Set sail/Shipwreck on Malta

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