Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Genesis 1 through Exodus 7

Six days God created Man, Earth, Heaven
Animals, Sea, and rest on day seven
In Eden he made a Garden, then he made Adam
Put him to sleep took a rib from his abdomen
Made Eve/A Devil snake would deceive
Told her to eat fro tree/Knowledge she would receive
Adam and Eve ate the fruit/became clever
God feared that another tree would make them live forever
Told to never return to the Garden/Simple and plain
Eve had two children/Abel and Cane
Abel out-done Cane with their offerings
Cain killed Abel out of anger/God mad at him
Made him wander the Earth as a cursed man
Noah made an Ark/God flooded out ythe land
Sheltered every species/A boy and a girl
After 40 days a rainbow appeared as a promise to the world
Centuries past/Attempt of a tower in Babel
God changed their languages communmication fell
Abram on a journey/Directed to make a sacrifice
Promised a god life/Had child not by his wife
But his servant/Had every child circumcised
changed his name to Abraham/Optimism would arise
Abraham's nephew Lot told to leave city
God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah/What a pity
Told not to look back and to not halt
His wife looked back and turned into salt
Abraham and Sarah had a son name Isaac
Sent servant away to live in private
Willing to kill his own son/Made God proud
Angel told Abraham to put the knife down
Sarah died/Isaac found a wife and married
Esau and Jacob were the twins that she carried

Isaac old and blind/Told Esau to find
A meal for him to dine/While away Jacob lied
Deceived his father for his final blessing
Dreamed of a stairway to heaven while sleeping
Worked for his uncle/Uncle gave him two wives
Gave birth to Joseph/returned home in due time
God became a man/They began to wrestle
Jacob made up with brother/Change name to Israel
Joseph the favorite son/Had strange dreams
Brothers sold him to Judah in a vicious scheme
Israel assumed he's dead/But became a slave
Resisted another man's wife/She locked him away
Deciphered others dreams/Then Pharaoh had a dream
Released him from prison/Told him what it mean
Gave Pharaoh advice on how to save his land
Grantd Joseph power only second in command
His brothers came/Asked him for grain
Joseph asked for their youngest when they came back again
Treated his brothers good/Then they stole from him
Made up with his faily and they all moved in
Hid baby by the river/Hoping one would notice
Pharaoh's daughter found him/named him Moses
Moses killed a man/Buried in the sand
Ran to Midian/Married a woman
God spoke to him through a bush burning flame
Sent Moses to Egypt to free the slaves from shame
Demanded that the slaves be freed/Pharaoh won't deal
Took away straw for bricks/And find it in the fields
Isralites uposet/Moses back a second time
Moses brother Aaron waited for a sign
Threw Moses staf down turned to a snake
Pharaoh's magicians staff turned/But they were ate

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