Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Exodus 7 through Joshua 2

Pharaoh still refused/Moses struck the Nile
Turned the river to blood/All became foul
Still no comply/Moses made frogs jump
By the thousands into homes/Moses stopped at once
Pharaoh agreed to let prisoners go
Went back on his word/Reneged and said no
Aaron struck the sand/It turned into lice
Next came a black cloud filled with flies
Moses stopped it/Pharaoh went back on word again
God sent disease killed horse, oxen
Moses and Aaron took ash/Threw it in the air
Boils broke out on people/Animals everywhere
Moses stretched to Heavens/Hail fell from sky
Moses sent locusts by wind after no comply
Locusts covered everything/Ate all in its way
Moses stretched hand again/No light for three days
Pharaoh told Moses that he will let the slaves go
But he will keep their flock/Moses said no
God spoke to Moses about one last plague
At midnight every first born will be dead
Only children of Israel will be untouched
Known as Passover/Death of a lamb is a must
Eaten with bitter herbs/Bread at roast
Blood of the lamb over door posts
For lives to be spared/Death was everywhere
Out of fear/Pharaoh did not want slaves to be near here
Freed them with their flocks/Fled to the Red Sea
Pharaoh changed his mind on them being free
Ordered Army to go bring them back
Moses divided the Red Sea/A miracle act
Moses and his people made it to other side
Water caved in on Pharaoh/They all died

Israelites became impatient wandering the desert
Hungry and exhausted/Began to miss Egypt
God promised food/Provided quails, honey, bread
Some didn't listen to what was said
They wee told to take only enough for two days
Rest on the Sabbath/Went through a drought phase
God told Moses to strike rock with staff
Cold water poured/No complaints after that
After three months they arrive at Sinai
On that Holy Mountain/God spoke to Moses up high
Aaron made a God/A golden Calf statue
Moses came back with Ten Commandments and threw
The stone tablets/Ordered Tribe of Levi
To kill those against him/Three thousand die
King Balak did not want these people on his land
Told his psychic to curse them to win so grand
In battle/God told him not to do it/Forbid
Balaam rode a donkey/Donkey acting stupid
Ran off course at sight of angel
Donkey bowed down/Spoke/Balaam fell
Balaam blessed his King's enemies
Balaam left empty handed/His King angry
Moses learned that Canaan still a great place
Out of fear/Decided not to invade that space
Passed on the The Commandments/Passed away
Joshua later sent two spies one day
To Jericho/They met woman named Rahab
Told them to hide on roof/Officers tried to nab
She told officers/No spies there
Spies promise her that God will take care
Spies climbed down a rope/Left in the night
Went back to Moses to prepare for the fight

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