Thursday, October 25, 2012

Anatomy of The Uppercut

The punch heard around the country. In the top video gets straight to the good stuff. It shows her cursing and being disrespectful. Her attitude resulted in embarrassment for her. She nor anyone else on that bus saw that lightening quick uppercut coming at her jaw. In the bottom video it shows white people running to the back of the bus. One guy runs off the bus at full speed. There was even a guy on cructhes miraculously walking away from the confrontation. The driver repeatedly told her to get behind the line. She didn't listen. Even the safety guy in orange vest got out of the way. She was even bold enough to touch him and spit on driver. After not only crossing the bus line, she crossed the moral one as well. So he hits her in attempt to knock some sense into her. He then throws the unruly passenger off of the bus along with her belongings and she instantly jumps back on. She lost once already and now tries to wrestle with him resulting in another loss for her. She is now 0-2 for the record. At the post fight conference she says that he should go to jail. It's funny to see her go from aggressor to victim in a few brutal seconds. Should we be laughing? In the third video, she wants us to get to know her and desires our sympathy. Should we feel sorry or should she apologize?

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