Sunday, November 18, 2012

Banned From Stage II: Encore Thank You Letter

I would like to take the time to thank everyone involved in participating and coming to my show. It was greatly appreciated. David Tyson Moore did a great hosting the event on behalf of Southmorehouse Presents. Thank you Shondra for keeping the ladies happy and making all the guys smile. Thank you Mickey Housley for cracking everybody up and had me rolling with the Rick Ross jokes. Thank you Chris Crawford for sharing your heart. Thank you Tayo for expressing you spoken soul. Thank you Replay on 19th street for my costumes. Thank you Idea 93 for my shirt. Thank you DJ Woody for playing all the right music for everyone. Thank you Visually Speaking for the photography and video. I look forward to sharing pictures and photos with everyone. Thank you Aggravated Poet for helping out. Last but not least thank you BlackMagicMarker for closing out the show rocking out with the Jesus spirit. Thank you Skol Casbar and Grille for allowing us to express ourselves and not banning us.

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