Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Take That Mitches!

Dear Romney,

Since you no longer matter I would like to say "Fuck you, uuuhhhhh... fuck your hair, fuck your flip floppiness on issues, uuuhhhh... fuck Stacy Dash, fuck JJ from Good Times, fuck your fairy tales, fuck your dreams moving to the big house, fuck the voting machines your son rigged, uuuuhhhhh... fuck Sandy, fuck Bush Sr, fuck Bush Jr, fuck the bush you smoking, fuck your business plans, uuuuhhhhhh... fuck Trump, fuck P-90X abs, fuck your grey hair, fuck your smile, fuck your taxes, fuck the mittens you oven bake with, annnnnddd fuck you for thinking your state would vote for you."

The realest streets in America are Martin Luther King Street and Sesame Street.

This was Boondocks inspired and approved.

Your President

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