Saturday, November 10, 2012

Run On

Since I've been trapped behind these walls I can't get your beautiful face out of my mind as for all I see is your beautiful face on how your beauty graced my presence and so blessed to see such a sight as I am cursed by the thought of not seeing you again as I do not want to pause or come to a stand still as I need to be focused on the memory of your face as my current sedated state is challenging me to stay alert and conscious of my life as I am falling apart but strengthened by the thought of you and only the thought of you will keep me going as still I refuse to pause or halt whereas I deny giving the opposition the satisfaction or pleasure of keeping me away from you as the separation of you and I slowly kills me inside as I want to do harm to my outsides and anyone else outside of me that is not you because I will hurt myself more and more if I am denied to be in your presence as still I cannot pause to take too deep of a breath as my heart beat will slow down as I do not need to relax in this moment because that will result of deep sleep that will make me take my mind off of you for I cannot risk breaking my train of thought of you as I am training myself at this moment to be fit to combat the standard practices of these people who do not wish to see us be as one as I am one with you without being with you and if I am tragically taken away from this earth then I will still be in spirit with you as I will still watch over you to ensure that you will forever receive blessings for the rest of your life as I am patiently waiting for your life to come to an end and finally we can become reunited in spirit but still at this moment I cannot relax or pause as I run on and run on with run ons as if I slow down then the sedatives will take over as I am overpowered by this straight jacket while trapped behind these four walls in isolation of this mad house that drives me mad as you are the reason I am here but still grateful that you graced my presence with your beauty as for your beauty I will never get enough of as I am afraid to sleep so I fight sleep so I will not risk the thought of not thinking about you or you sleeping and forgetting about me

(Inspired by this painting by Silky Blaq)

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