Monday, March 11, 2013


You are as perfect to me
As a Dairy Queen Ice Cream on the Cone
Double dipped in chocolate
When held upside down
It won't fall out
But stay in place
To ensure the best quality
Of ice cream on-the-go
That money can buy
Just to think of it
You have the same colored skin tone
As that milk chocolate shell
Your shape matches the curves
Of the ice cream as it sits
Perfectly balanced atop of the cone
As it resembles your perfect posture
As you stand upright and pose for a picture
So that I can frame that picture
And post it where everyone can see it
Advertising your beauty
Just like the billboards of that
Delicious looking ice cream cone
That attracts so many visitors
To the Dairy Queen store
Your bottom feels delicate
Yet form
Like that of the cone
That stores the rest of
The "good stuff" underneath
I savor every minute of you
As if you're the ice cream cone itself
No way I could rush
Even if I wanted to
It would hurt me
Give me a headache
Equal to a brain freeze
Gladly I savor the moment
To indulge in you
My "Queen"

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