Sunday, March 10, 2013


God sees me
He stares at my every detail
Some things he like
Some things he don't
He looks closer
Takes the time to size me overall
He cuts things he don't like out
Little by little
He wants a better representation of me
I leave it to Him to decide what's right
The director's touch
The first original director of all time
He edits me
He edits my life
When I mess up
He yells, "Cut"
Then I have to start over
Awaiting for me to say and do
The right things
At the right moment
My life is more than a movie
It is a reality
Not a reality show
But still a show for all to see
That's why he edits my life the way he does
Because when its showtime
And when people are watching
His name is tied to me
His name is all over the credits
I am a reflection of His work
I am a reflection of Him

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