Saturday, April 13, 2013

Coincidental Racist

Last night I went to a "Going Away Party". It was her last night in town before she moved away to another city. She invited all of her closet friends over including me to go out with a bang. All of us getting carried away with drinks and games to send her off on a high note. There were no arguments, no fights, no profanity, and no loud music. Just pizza, wine, and Taboo. At the peak of all of our fun we hear a loud knock at the door. Everyone gets quiet. She quietly opens the door. The officer was rude and loud yet she stayed calmed. He told her that there were too many people even though he never entered the premises. He even had a search dog with him. It was close to one o'clock in the morning and he brings a dog with him to the third floor? I wonder what did he and the residents expect. Officer threatened to give her a ticket violating her lease agreement not knowing that she's leaving town the next day. But when she leaves town I wonder.... Where can Black people party outside of home without being disturbed?

Photo comes courtesy of Kevin Hart Be Like fan page

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