Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sexual Nature

Land of temptation is taken by storm
Laying around with innocent charm
Waiting for the clouds to seduce
In nature's eyes one could see stars
As land interacts with nature
Heaven becomes bliss
Nature has an appetite
Will not stop until satisfied
Determined to conquer the land
Laying on a bed of flowers
Earth trembles as bodies shake
Atmosphere rocks back and forth
Pulse thumps through the vines
Wind breathes harder
Sowing royal oaks
Ground moistens from heat
The grass sweats
The sky is clinched
Mountains are moved
Weather is grounded
Constellations are scattered
The impossible is realized
Gazing at the sky lines
Watching natural beauty outlined
The storm clears with temptation
She must have been special
For giving reason for land to interact
Wholistic act
Holistic nature
In an instant both become one
And both become fruitful and multiply
Earth is conceived

Image and drawing comes courtesy of Unique Individuals Ink and Phoe-nix Nebula

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